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Grand Divisions Production Company Prepares for Filming of "Wombat!" Web Series.

The Grand Divisions Production Company is proud to announce a new short-form web series entitled, "Wombats!" The series is a collaboration between GDPC's Nathan Edwards and co-creators Jay Putnam and Olivia Evans, who also star in the series. 

"'Wombats!' is a fun new concept for me," said creator Nathan Edwards, "the series itself is a self-aware show that combines satire, parody, and just fun and outrageous premises that are brought to live by Jay and Olivia who are the life of the show. The unique quality of the show is our dedication to the craft of filmmaking and the inclusion of different and diverse perspectives through the use of multiple directors and cinematographers who we ask to put their own unique stamp in each episode."

"Wombat!" begins production in December of 2017. The first series will consist of 8 episodes to be filmed over the winter of 2017-2018.