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Female, early 20’s.

Mild mannered with a touch sass, she is eager to experience the world and a career outside of her cubicle. Burnt out from her customer service job she is determined to pass her GED and forge a new career path that will fulfill her.


The epitome of everyone's endearing (in their own way), redneck grandparent.

Male, 18 to early 20s.

A basketballer who exhibits characteristics of a douche-bag, who is mostly just trying to look like a stud in front of his friends.

Any gender, 40s

A no-nonsense person in their 40's, who is cheap & power-hungry. They think that if they are rude and seem displeased they can get whatever they want.

Female, late 20s

Bougie AF. She would be really pleasant to talk to if only her voice wasn't so annoying. Oblivious and self centered, yet concerned for her dogs happiness.