she’s back: Breakdown

Female, 20s
The once fun, party girl turned alcoholic at a young age is overcoming her first release from rehab.

Female, 20s-30s
The older sister to Natasha, who still likes to party and have a good time. Is supportive of her sister, but is going to live her life how she wants.

Female, 30s
Natasha’s mentor/sponsor. The first adult Natasha has met who actually cared about her well-being and future. Daya has been in Natasha’s shoes before.

Male, 20s or 30s
The best friend; Natasha’s (former) and Tori’s ride or die.

Aunt Kay
Female, 40s+
Natasha's second mother, at times she was the adult that only could get through to Natasha in her past party days.

Rebecca or Rick
male or female role; 20s-30s
The know- it – all/ my way is the right way to walk through life. Looks down with pity on those who have steered off the righteous path. The good ole “bless her heart” mindset.

Male or female; teenager
The typical average, snarky American teenager who doesn’t care about anyone else but themselves. But looks up to Natasha as a role model.

Podcast Host
Male or female (V.O.)
Soothing and encouraging host to help anyone get out of any slum they are in. They know how to help because they have been there too.