We are immediately accepting original work from all screenwriters living in Tennessee. Writers do not need to be members of the Writer’s Guild of America or have any previous credits. We will produce the best work submitted to us, regardless of experience or prior credits. Our aim is to showcase the best screenwriting talent in Tennessee. We want the best story you call tell us.

If we select your script for production we will work with you on developing it for television. If your story is selected, we will focus on bringing it to production in its truest form. Our script consultants will only suggest edits for time and practicality or to otherwise enhance the story you’ve written. We will always work with you through the pre-production process from development to achieving your story on-screen with consultations with the director and director of photography.

Screenplays or teleplays should be self-contained stories with an estimated run time of 42-46 minutes or 21-24 minutes. The first season will be 4-8 episodes long, dependent upon the negotiated deal with local TV stations. Episodes will contain either one 42-46 minute film or two 21-24 minutes short films. Please ensure that all submission contain your full contact information, including mailing address (no P.O. Boxes please).

Submitting your script does not transfer ownership in part, or in whole, to the Grand Divisions Production Company. Be assured that every screenwriter retains their intellectual property until a production contract has been agreed upon and signed.