Production Services

The Grand Divisions Production Company is a fully insured and registered limited liability company operating in the state of Tennessee. In addition to our in-house digital and film work we offer production support services to independent filmmakers of all stripes who need someone to manage the business of filmmaking so they can focus on the art. 

Tennessee is experiencing the beginnings of a filmmaking renaissance. With the growth of the industry in the state it can be difficult to negotiate the rules, requirements, and paperwork required to hire union talent, secure state and municipal filming permits, and find neutral locations for casting, rehearsals, or production meetings. That's why we're here to help. We specialize in paperwork, bureaucracy, and the meticulous work of ensuring the creative ambitions of a film are supported by the resources of the physical production.

Who Do we work for?

We work for independent filmmakers producing micro-budget feature films, shorts, digital content, music videos, and low-budget commercial work. Our goal is to provide insurance, logistical support, and essential services at a reasonable rate for filmmakers whose budget margins could be better spent on talent, art, or crew. 

What Services Do We Provide?

  • Rental, general and personal liability, automotive, and "additional insured," production insurance coverage as required by rental houses, studios, state and local government agencies, and SAG-AFTRA. Coverage is offered to filmmakers on a per production basis through the Grand Divisions Production Company policy umbrella.

  • Contract and paperwork management including: SAG-AFTRA production paperwork, state and local government permits, general locations contracts, TN state incentives paperwork, etc. 

  • Production meeting, rehearsal, and audition space

  • Budget and schedule reviews

  • Crew hiring and on-boarding

  • Payroll services