The seduction of salome whelan

The Seduction of Salome Whelan Enters Post Production

The Seduction of Salome Whelan wrapped the first weekend of March 2018 and is officially beginning the post production process. The film is about an unwanted relationship between a young college student, Salome (Sol-o-may) Whelan, and a young, married, professor, James Gilmore. The Seduction of Salome Whelan focuses on the choices Salome, played by Abby Glover (Kevin Probably Saves the World, I Am Not Ashamed), is forced to make when Gilmore, played by newcomer Korby Lenker, persists in his advances with increasing hostility.

Olivia Evans (Nashville), Allison Shrum, (Nashville, The Son), and Rachel Neiswanger round out the cast.


When Fools Fall in Love Short Film

When Fools Fall in Love Preparing for 2018-19 Festival Circut

When Fools Fall in Love is a unique and exciting new short currently in post production preparing for a 2018-19 festival run. An ode to French and absurdist cinema, When Fools Fall in Love follows the battle between a mime and a living statue for the affection of a statue of Venus. Written and directed by Nathan Edwards, the short features Nashville actors Brad Oxnam as Mister Mime, Dean Shortland as Bronze Man, and Bailey Hyneman as Venus. 

Adipose Short Film


Adipose short wrapping up post-production

The Grand Divisions Production Company has wrapped production on a new short film entitled, Adipose, an intertwining story of two overweight twenty-somethings just looking for someone to accept them for who they are. The short is written and produced by Nathan Edwards and directed by first-time director Allison Shrum.  The film is currently in post production.