i hate coffee, a love story


"I Hate Coffee, a Love Story": Deacon and Fowler, two modern singles unlucky in love in the age of digital dating, look for their one-true-someone on the modern dating battleground: the coffee shop.


character breakdowns:

20s-30s, female. Genuinely individual. She likes what she likes and asks neither praise nor forgiveness for it. Spunky and unafraid. 

20s-30s, male. Nerd-chique, a.k.a the new normal. Handsome in a way that makes his matches think, "hey, this guy could be tech rich."

Early 20s, female. Dreams of being wise beyond her years but she isn't. Singularly attracted to men at the leading edge of her generation who can't see that her rigid set of beliefs about society and culture exist so she never has to accept new perspectives.

20s-30s, male. Trust-fund hipster. Mercilessly trendy. Will always be the cool guy with unique interests no matter how often he has to change. 

20s-30s, male or female. Sovereign of Slow-roast. Apostle of Java. Water may sustain life, but to drink coffee is to touch the face of God. 

20's-30's, male. Intellectual and not afraid to wear it. 

20's-30's, female. The only thing that has her heart more than the plight of the proletariat is cruelty-free, humanely-sourced, sustainably-grown, unblended, coffee.