fIrst Month: Breakdown

Character Breakdowns

Gender: Male 20’s-30’s

Eddie is an attractive, kind, and friendly man. He uses his charm, patience, and firmness to give off a normal and smooth persona. When Eddie enters a room he can easily captivate a woman’s attention through his hypnotizing and flirtatious personality. Eddie is a well liked man but cannot establish a meaningful relationship and lacks guilt and remorse making him a psychopath. He sees a therapist where he expresses his relationship with Jenna as being great while trapping her in his basement.

Gender: Female 20’s-30’s

Jenna is a cute girl who is easy going yet confident. She comes from a loving family and works as a barista at a coffee shop. She is a sweet, smart, and innocent girl who gets put in the hands of the wrong person. Jenna finds trust in Eddie who ends up hitting her on the back of the head and trapping her in his basement. She is then scared for her life, famished, and alone.

Dr. Reynolds
Gender: Male/Female 40’s-50’s

Dr. Reynolds is Eddie’s therapist. He is professional yet encouraging towards Eddie and expresses positive feedback. He is patient and talks with Eddie about his relationship with Jenna as they discuss the sweet gestures Eddie plans out. Dr. Reynolds is unaware of Jenna being trapped in Eddie’s basement.

Gender: Female 20’s-30’s

Audrey is an attractive girl dressed for work with her hair and makeup done. She is interested in Eddie and flirts with him whenever she can. She is aware of Eddie being in a relationship but that does not stop her sexual tension towards Eddie.

Flower Shop Attendant
Gender: Male 40’s-50’s

This is an older man who works at the flower shop. He is a nice and genuine man who helps Eddie choose the perfect flowers for Jenna. He tells Eddie that he must be in love with whoever these flowers are going to.

Coffee Shop Girl
Gender: Female 20’s-30’s

She is Jenna’s co worker at the coffee shop. She is hipster looking and wears glasses. She uses a playful tone to convince Jenna to flirt with Eddie.