Episode 1: What Would Dolly Do?

In “What Would Dolly Do?” Kd Amond takes us on along for a ride with the Appalachian country trio, the Gypsy Jo’s, on their wild tour across the South to Nashville, where the fiery young women are looking for their big break, with one big problem behind them: a dead burn-out of a husband and a burned down house. Rae, Sadie, and Laney are on the run from the law running toward their dreams of stardom, which is an excellent recipe for songwriting.

What Would Dolly Do? Screenwriter Kd Amond

What Would Dolly Do? Screenwriter Kd Amond


Kd Amond is first and foremost a storyteller. Aside from screenwriting, she directs, edits,  and produces. When not working in the production office or on set, Kd is with her writing partner (in crime) Lulu Marcil, cranking out another script.  She was raised in the small town of Livingston, Louisiana, and worked in film in New Orleans for several years after obtaining her MFA in Film Production the University of New Orleans. She now calls Nashville home. Her most recent script  What Would Dolly Do? has been a quarter finalist for the 2016 Page Awards, the 2016 Screencraft Fellowship, and is currently a second rounder for 2016 Austin Film Festival and screenwriting competition.  

Kd’s film credits include: The Best of Me, Terminator Genisys, The Big Short, The Free World, Fox’s Scream Queens, and  most recently, Paramount’s upcoming film reboot of Baywatch. She travels frequently for productions, but despite her gypsy lifestyle she remains Southern-rooted and an active member and supporter of the independent film scene.

What Would Dolly Do? Cast and Crew