Episode 4 of the Southern Storytellers Series will feature three short screenplays from our Screenwriters' Theatre to be recorded for the radio play podcast series. Each of the writers are finalists from our screenplay competition. 

Jay Putam's On the Side [Comedy]: When Drew's girlfriend calls him at work to say she's leaving him and moving in with another guy, literally at that moment, Drew brings production at Michael's Sandwich Company to a halt until she's agrees to say with him.

Knox Hargrove's Isolde [Drama]: With death hovering over her, Isolde navigates the waters of an unexpected romance while trying to settle a lifetime of pain and hatred with the only family she has, her older sister Morgan.

Jenn Renner's Hard Pressed [Comedy]: Three women question if romance is more attraction or algorithm when a series of blind dates destroy their faith in men.


Not Pictured
Kathryn Baker: Renee, "Hard Pressed"; Narrator, "Isolde"