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Episode 3: The Narrow Edge

Sam, a loving husband and stepfather of two teenagers, suddenly loses his wife in a hit and run accident. On the night of her funeral, Sam discovers she had been having an affair. When he tracks down her lover, Sam learns he committed suicide on the same day his wife died. The film follows Sam's dogged journey to find the truth while struggling to maintain relationships with his estranged teenage stepchildren who just moved in with their deadbeat father, a bitter rival. Sam begins to uncover a conspiracy that leads to the highest reaches of his late wife's employer, a powerful pharmaceutical company that will stop at nothing to hide the truth. In the end, circumstances force Sam and his stepchildren's father to reluctantly join forces to stand up against them.

Available Roles:

NARRATOR. The voice of the screenplay's action.
SAM, 40. Our protagonist. Handsome. Sort of an all-American Every-man. Married with two step children.
WYATT, 15. Sam’s stepson. The class clown that is every teacher’s nightmare but with a killer smile that melts their hearts. A talented drama student.
KAYLIE, 13. Wyatt’s sister and Sam’s stepdaughter. Pretty, full of vinegar and hormones. A heart-breaker in training.
BOOMER, 40. Wyatt and Kaylie’s biological father. A huge ex-wrestler whose glory days are long behind him. Down on his luck. Sam’s bitter rival.
EDWARD, 50. Sam’s wise, older brother. A retired detective on disability. Walks with a noticeable limp.
DETECTIVE ABRAMS, 40. A seasoned pro. Buttoned up, all business and no bull shit. Think Jack Webb in Dragnet.

BRYAN FOX, 65. Antagonist. Owner and CEO of Fox Industries, a major pharmaceutical company.
DAVE, 50. Sam's business partner and best friend.
BETH, 50. Sam’s late wife’s boss and best friend. Also Dave’s wife. She’s a senior Vice President at Fox Industries.
HEADSET MAN, 40. A ruthless, professional hit man.
JANE WITHERSPOON, 50. A psychiatrist who travels the country and speaks to groups of other psychiatrists to sell the benefits of Fox Industry drugs. She’s attractive with a seasoned professor’s self-assured attitude.
LAUREL, 40. Sam's wife. Beautiful and charismatic. A senior Sales Executive at Fox Industries. Note: she only appears once as she dies early in the film.
OLD MAN HENRY, 80’s. A crazy, grizzled old recluse who holds secrets about the doings of Fox Industries. Paranoid.

To audition please send a resume, headshot, and reel (if available) to: with your list of preferred roles. 

About the Screenwriter

The Narrow Edge  screenwriter, David Deverell

The Narrow Edge screenwriter, David Deverell

David Deverell is a local Nashville screenwriter. He received his degree in Film and Television from Loyola Marymount University, and after graduating, wrote, produced and directed an award-winning thirty minute drama for Encylcopaedia Britannica’s Short Story Showcase Series, “The Hunt,” an adaptation of Richard Connell’s short story, “The Most Dangerous Game.” David went on to have a long career in the advertising industry and retired five years ago. In retirement, David returned to writing and has since written four screenplays. His first, “The Shoe Box,” won first place at the 10th Annual Tennessee Screenwriters Association Screenplay Competition. In 2015, David relocated to Nashville from Los Angeles and is actively involved in helping the Nashville Film Community develop a robust industry.