End of the World Party: Breakdown

character breakdowns

The “leader” of the roommates. Is the neutral good in all situations and the most level-headed. Kind of quiet and quirky. He is the most understanding and in control of the situation. He has feelings for Ellie but does not act upon them.

20-30s. Athletic and stylish. Preferably African American.
Tries to be more masculine and “straight” to cover his feelings for Bobby. Anthony builds off Kyle’s humor and extreme confidence.

Party animal who boasts sexuality, masculinity, and swag because he’s insecure about himself. He is lying about his sexual past to cover up that he’s a virgin. Outgoing, the “comic relief” in the story, is the most “playful” of the 3 roommates. He is more focused on his own reputation than the end of the world.

Older, geeky nerd, but cool enough to hang out with the roommates. Old enough to be married, attractive yet geeky. He cheated on his wife who later died, so he holds a lot of guilt and doesn’t have any hope for the world anymore, really.

She is the most edgy and dark of all the characters. She’s confident, pretty, secure, and almost “goth”. She’s friends with the guys despite her strange personality. She is very nonchalant about the end of the world.

She is a gorgeous young lady who is more of a listener than putting herself out there. Bobby finds her at the grocery, and you can sense their connection. Towards the end Ellie reveals secrets that show us why she is as reserved as she is.

News Reporter
Any gender. Professional yet emotional. He/She announces the end of the world on the news.

Hooded Figure
Any age, any gender.
Tall. Will be cloaked in black and summons all of the characters outside when the world ends.