COVER: Breakdown

Cover Short Film- Casting Breakdown

30’s, female.
An attorney working in the family courts dealing with abused children and parental rights. In an abusive relationship at home.

30s, female.
On trial for retention of her parental rights. Victim of spousal abuse who is in denial about being a victim.

Judge Carter
40s, female or male.
A by the book judge.

Ms. Walters
30s, female.
The state appointed guardian of Francie’s children.

Ms. Gonzalez
20s-30s, female.
The lead attorney for Francie and her partner, Jake.

Mr. Harris
30s-40s, male.
The other attorney representing Francie and Jake.

30s, male.
Francie’s partner. Tattooed and hard-nosed.

Karen Bates
20s-30s, female. Caseworker.

Court Officer
30s, male or female. Officer of the court.

30s, male. Abusive partner of Julia.